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Best 5 beginner motorcycles for women

What are the best beginner motorcycles for women? The answer is not so simple. Like motorcycles, women come in all shapes and sizes and determining what motorcycle is suitable for one woman, may not be suitable for another. Some women riders may feel quite nervous and lack confidence when starting out. Others may have had prior motorcycle riding experience and feel more capable.

Whatever the circumstances are, what we have attempted to do here is examine the best motorcycles available for all types of women, based on the following factors that we have observed are important to women riders and motorcycle riders in general:
• Seat height
• Weight
• Power-to-weight ratio of 150kw/t or less (LAMS compliant)
• Value
• Fuel efficiency
• Easy and cost effective to maintain

Considering the above, we have compiled a list of the top 5 motorcycles suitable for any type of woman (and even men):

Suzuki intruder 250 LC

The Suzuki Intruder 250 LC is perfect for the girl that just wants to cruise. Its impressive chrome detail complete with a sweeping chrome plated muffler, a large five-litre under-seat storage compartment and classic retro appearance makes the Intruder a popular choice for a first bike.

It’s power-to-weight ratio of 67.5kW/t, although not a high performance bike, with its 3-valves per cylinder, V-twin, 248cc engine gives the Intruder enough power to perform well through twisty, scenic roads while still managing the freeway. It is ideal for that novice rider that prefers not to trouble herself with a powerful bike while learning the ropes.

Weighing 159kg (wet weight) with a low seat height of 685mm, this lightweight entry-level cruiser is manageable and easy to ride. Another impressive feature is it’s economical fuel consumption, ensuring at least 240 kilometres each time from its 10-litre fuel tank. With an affordable price tag of $6900 (new), the Intruder won’t break the bank. Check out the detailed specs.

Suzuki Intruder 250LC

Suzuki Intruder 250LC

Honda CB400

Known for its reliability, impeccable design and strong performance the Honda CB400 is an old favorite and serious contender among the learner class of motorcycles. Generally, considered a more middleweight bike, its slender frame, low seat height of 755mm and smooth power distribution of 124.6kw/t ensures comfort and power while riding.

This bike is suitable for both the novice rider and the confident woman rider who would prefer to start her riding on a bigger bike. It is also suitable for taller women, who won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable as some other smaller 250cc bikes may offer.

The downside with the CB400 is its weight. At 195kg (wet weight), it’s not exactly a lightweight motorcycle. Also, it is the most expensive out of the learner motorcycles examined here, with a price tag of over $10,000 brand new. However, a second hand CB400 could be purchased for under $8000 and based on its stellar features, it is well worth a look.

Note: The CB400 is available with ABS brakes and without. Check out the detailed specs.


Honda CB400

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300

For the woman that wants to start her riding on a sportsbike, meet the revamped 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300. It packs more punch than its predecessor, the Ninja 250R and the Honda CBR250R. Its 296cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin design and 116.5kw/t ensures faster acceleration and its Digital Fuel Injection (DFI) makes this little pocket rocket friendly on the fuel consumption. The Ninja offers optional ABS brakes and a low seat height of 785mm, guaranteed to boost the confidence of the shorter woman rider.

Although, at 171kg, it’s a little heavier than the other motorcycles considered here, its upright seating position, narrow seat width and 29kw/t power distribution ensures manageability for the new rider.

A new sportier look, a more powerful engine, better fuel consumption and around $5000 (new), its very hard to fault Kawasaki’s baby sportsbike. Read more on the specs.

Ninja 300

2014 kawasaki_ninja_300

Honda VTR 250

An excellent first motorcycle for any type of woman, you won’t be disappointed with the Honda VTR 250. It’s got it all, a streamline design, great on the fuel, low seat height (775mm) and lightweight (161 kg wet weight). The VTR250 is perfect for the learner rider and everyday commuter.

There are no fancy gadgets with the VTR250, its simple and no frills. However, this simplicity does not detract from its performance, a four-stroke, 250cc V-twin engine exercising a commendable power-to-weight ratio of 94.7kw/t.

This is an excellent learner motorcycle as it is forgiving, durable and cheap to maintain. You won’t have to worry about replacing expensive fairings if you drop the bike. The VTR250’s handling is impeccable and takes to corners like a pro motorcycle racer.

A brand new VTR250 could set you back about $8000. However, pick it up second hand for anywhere between $3500 – $5500 and you have a great deal on your hands. Read more on the specs.

Honda VTR 250

2003 Honda VTR 250

2014 KTM 390 Duke

Muscling its way onto the lightweight class of motorcycles and a real contender against the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Honda CBR250 is the KTM 390 Duke. Light, compact, agile and fun the Duke is sure to impress. Having only been introduced to the Australian market in mid-2013 and fully LAMS compliant, it has already stirred considerable attention among new riders and veterans.

More powerful than all of the learner motorcycles examined here, its 137.3kw/t power-to-weight ratio and 375cc engine is really something to brag about. Combined with its featherweight 150kg (wet weight) frame, 800mm seat height, ABS brakes and comfortable upright riding position it is obvious KTM has delivered something very special.

Extensively reviewed, the Duke performs well in city traffic and long distance rides. Making it the perfect commuter bike or suitable for the occasional longer trips. With KTM’s signature orange injected in the Duke’s design, it’s a flashy, good-looking and cleverly designed motorcycle.

The Duke is sure to turn heads. Saving your dollars on fuel is another reason to love this bike, with each 11-litre tank of fuel providing at least 250km of riding joy. Also, priced at approximately $7000 (new) its affordability is the icing on the cake.

Note: The Duke, however, would seem better suited to a smaller woman. For ladies towering 5 feet 11 inch and over, this bike may seem a little cramped for you. Check out the detailed specs.

KTM 390 Duke

2014 KTM 390 Duke

Final thoughts

The first motorcycle you decide to purchase will ultimately be a personal and individual choice. Choose wisely, based on your budget and comfort. Above all, select a motorcycle after making an informed decision.

Find other motorcycles listed as LAMS compliant by state – ACT, NSW, WA, QLD, VIC, NT, SA and Tasmania.

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